What is a Slow Juicer?


Slow Juicer is an extractor specially for juices. It works in 40 RPM Low Speed which is alot better compare to the typical juice extractors. It does not only protect the enzymes from the fruits and vegetables, but also getting more juices from them, as Slow Juicer is using a Double Angle Auger. You are able to taste the original juices from the fruits and vegetables by using our latest product Slow Juicer.

Why choosing Slow Juicer?

Slow Juicer used the latest technology from Korea to provide the excellent taste of nutritions from the fruits and vegetables. Besides extracting the juices, Slow Juicer comes with a meat grinder to help consumers work better in the kitchen.

  • No ice needed !
  • No water needed !
  • No sugar needed !
  • Bladeless !
  • Withour oxidation !
  • Protecting enzymes !